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Check Out BrightstarDB - NoSQL for .NET

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Check Out BrightstarDB - NoSQL for .NET

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It looks like RavenDB, a .NET NoSQL solution, has some competition now with the release of BrightstarDB, which touts "code-first data model generation."  You can check out Brightstar by heading over to the official site .  Here are some of the highlights -

Schema-Free Triple Store

BrightstarDB implements the powerfully simple W3C Semantic Web data model, RDF. The RDF data model uses triples to represent data of all shapes. BrightstarDB does not require the definition of fixed schema, allowing great flexibility in what data is stored and how it is connected together. This associative data model is a great fit for many real world applications.

LINQ & OData Support

On .NET the language of query is LINQ. BrightstarDB has a custom LINQ implementation that maps LINQ queries into SPARQL to be run natively against the data. Through its Entity Framework any BrightstarDB store can expose an OData endpoint.

NoSQL Entity Framework

BrightstarDB is unique in that it offers a full Entity Framework model over the underlying data store. This means developers have the flexibility of a NoSQL store but with the power and familiarity of working with typed objects when building applications.


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