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The latest milestone for next year's Eclipse release train is available now. There's even a staging area available where you can download the extra bundles that you want to use in your installation.The New and Noteworthy will get you up to date on what's new, but if you've missed the last 2 milestones, here's a quick rundown some of the best new features that are available:


  • The review licences page of the installation wizard now groups by licence type, which is a big improvement

    Another nice improvement in the platform is the ability to compare installations.
  • Help System functionality has been improved with a customizable footer. Extra buttons and frames can be added into your help web app now, so if you've found this area lacking, 3.6 might be the release that you've been waiting for.
    Also, your Intro pages can now have RSS feeds embedded thanks to the EclipseRSSViewer class.


  • There's an improved refresh in the Call Hierarchy view so you can now refresh element from the context menu, and it's direct children. You can also remove nodes from the Call Hierarchy if they are not relevant to you at the time.


  • An API use report is now available to show what API is being used by other bundles.
  • Headless launch support is now available so that you can leverage the launch support programatically. 


Elias Volanakis has pointed out his favourite new feature in his latest blog entry.

My favorite change is the new support for software installation while running & debugging. This should be a huge time-saver for all developers who are adding p2 support to their RCP apps. It permits to do install operations in a launched application. Previously this was only possible after regularly deploying the RCP application via the export wizard.

If you have time it's worth taking a closer look at the milestone releases to watch how the next version of Eclipse is shaping up. 


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