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Check Out the New Apache Solr 3.4 Programmer’s Guide!

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A new programmer's guide to Solr, The Programmer’s Guide to Open Source Search Search: What’s New in Apache Solr / Lucene 3.4, is now available courtesy of Lucid Imagination!

Just days after the release, there is now a detailed guide to the new usability features as well as the new powerful search capabilities.

Here are some of the contents of the guide.
  • New search capabilities  such as query support, function queries, analysis,  input and output formats.
  • Performance improvements such as index segment management and distributed support for spellchecking.
  • New search application development options such as better range faceting and a new Velocity-driven search UI, plus spatial search and using Apache UIMA.
  • What to expect in Solr 4

    Go pick it up now and get acquainted with the latest version of Solr.

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