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Children vs technology

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Children vs technology

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Children vs. technology

Life of children changed a lot during last 20-30 years. Development of technology influenced every single field of human life. For kids it started with video games, which transformed meaning of play and recreation forever. Since the early ’70, using electronics for fun was accused of addicting kids and reducing time they spend on other activities, such as playing outside or reading books. Without being fully psychologically developed, kids are more vulnerable to more and more attractive forms of spending their time. Unfortunately, they have never been able to notice the risk of that attitude. Responsibility for potential harm falls on parents, for letting their kids do what they want.

Today it is culmination of the childrens relationship with modern technology. On one hand gaming is a real problem, due to its addictive character and violence. On the other hand, there is something more worrying, which is presence of kids in the internet.

Kids in a web of threats

  Internet is a great tool for communication and with no doubt the greatest invention of the last 30 years. But with the endless possibilities, there are endless risks. Surfing the internet gives kids access to content, that could be harmful for their mental health and development. Pornography is considered as one of the most dangerous. It is easy to find those materials and sometimes kids can even do it by mistake. Also the social media and other children who use it can be motivation to watch bad content. If my friends watch it and post it, why shouldn’t I do the same? For kids, the most tempting is that what is forbidden and web gives them access to watch all of it and also brag about it.

  Another big threat lurking in the internet is giving somebody access to your kid. Sexual offenders seek for their victims on every kind of chat and social media websites. They are usually imitating children’s peers, to gain their trust. They use fake photos, make friends with their victims and when they reach a right moment, they try to arrange a meeting. Many of these pedophiles get caught before they even meet their victim, but today there are possibilities to harm children only through the web. Sex offenders contact kids on video-chats and force them to perform sexual activities in front of the camera. Kids are even unaware what are they doing.

  Is internet only a compilation of threats? Should we cut off access to the internet for our children, because the risk is too big? Despite the danger, internet is great source of information. It is rich in very valuable ways of teaching your child. It can provide great education for your children and help you to develop its imagination and creativity.

Solution to treats

First and the most important for parents is to inform their children and learn them how to use internet properly and safely. Don’t let them develop bad habits and learn everything from their peers. For some parents it means that they have to learn a lot themselves. For all of parents, a good solution may be installing some kind of third-party parental control program that is able to set up control over children’s activity in the web. If parents take care of the education, learning by doing and prevention, there is a big possibility that their kids would not become the victims of any Internet threat in the future.

If you want to get extra knowledge about the parental control, feel welcome to visit https://www.pcwebcontrol.com/ .

PCWebControl is third-party software dedicated to the Windows operating systems. It is designed to protect the users by blocking the websites that contain undesired content or filtering the mail box against the suspicious messages. Program has many more features that are useful not only in households, but also in private and public institutions.



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