Choosing the Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for Your Business

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Choosing the Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for Your Business

In a highly competitive market, it's not easy to choose a cross-platform mobile development tool. Read about the advantages of choosing the Xamarin platform.

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In this highly competitive digital environment, it is a Herculean task to keep your business’s feet standing firm in the market. With everyone going for cross-platform mobile development, the challenge doesn’t become any smaller.  

Though there are a number of development frameworks and tools available to create an incredible, flawless mobile application for a business, it is difficult to find that perfect tool that includes every required element for cross-platform app development. Moreover, there is no strict bracket companies can use to analyze and get the right cross-platform tool.  

Xamarin is a mobile application development tool that is increasingly gaining popularity, owing to the associated beneficial features. With Xamarin, a mobile app developer will just need to write an app only one time and can port into various operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. The best mobile app development companies consider Xamarin the perfect mobile app development platform. It allows you to develop, run, test, and debug iOS apps directly from a Windows PC that runs Visual Studio, without the need for a Mac. So, when you are on the go for finding the best Xamarin development companies, it is important that you know what exactly your business needs are.   

Before you start your search for the best cross-platform development tools, it is important that you understand what things you need to keep in mind:

Company Size and Staff Expertise

When it comes to choosing the right cross-platform mobile development tool and finding the best mobile app development companies, the company’s size is a major deciding factor. For an enterprise with limited resources, i.e. less than 50 people, time is the biggest concern. Choose a development tool that allows you to launch an app in the minimum timeframe. And, if you are working in a medium-scale company, i.e. staff up to 500 or more, consider using tech-advanced tools such as Xamarin or Appcelerator Titanium, or use a multi-tier approach, because these are high-performance tools and the main idea is to maintain a balance between customer satisfaction and optimum use of valuable resources. In addition, security concerns and back-office customizations should be considered.


Many of you may not know it, but developing a cross-platform app instead of a native app will reduce the costs up to 70 percent. So, if you are someone who is looking for inexpensive solutions for your business, mobile app development companies suggest you go for cross-platform apps. Opt for open source tools: for example, tools provided by Apache Cordova with HTML5. The best Xamarin development companies suggest you consider all the deciding factors before you make the final decision.  


For businesses such as banking and mobile wallets that require a number of transactions on the user’s end, it is important to provide a secure platform which allows for secure execution of financial transactions. So, if you consider security the major concern in your app, then develop a native app and deploy it with cross-platform tools.   

Delivery Speed

This is a major contributing factor in deciding the success of a mobile application. In this highly dynamic environment, a company that quickly delivers a mobile app with all features across various devices is preferred over the one that takes too long with every update. Hence, the speed of delivery is the foremost factor to determine how successful the application will be. In order to enhance the delivery time of a specific mobile application, a business can consider using a combination of COTS tools followed by a number of customization tools such as Sencha, Xamarin, and SAP.

Heeding the above factors will be really helpful when choosing the ideal mobile application development tool for your business. For all the businesses who want a reputable online presence and plan to invest in the mobile world, cross-platform development is a necessity for them to survive in this competitive world, as well as satisfy their customers.  

Microsoft’s Xamarin allows you to create mobile apps for iOS and Android. It provides native user interfaces and two options for writing common code for different platforms: Shared Asset Projects and Portable Class Libraries. Xamarin also offers detailed documentation, which helps you to manage the process better. With Xamarin Test Cloud, you can test your app’s behavior for thousands of devices. It is free to use with Xamarin Studio and the basic package of Visual Studio.


Businesses venturing into the mobile world need cross-platform app development in order to support customer satisfaction and survive competition and mushrooming technologies. However, it is even more crucial that you choose an appropriate tool and look for reputed mobile app development companies to build and launch the mobile app smoothly. If you choose well, the above-mentioned factors will really come in handy when choosing the right development tool for your business.

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