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Choosing to use B2B marketing automation software

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Choosing to use B2B marketing automation software

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B2B marketing automation software streamline the process that its takes for businesses to push conversational and personal communications out to prospective customers. In the case of business 2 business (B2B) marketing, messages are pushed out from one business to another business. An example of this would be if a restaurant marketed certain entrees or desserts to local hotels that didn't have in-house restaurants of their own.

Growing a business using B2B marketing automation software

HubSpot goes on to say that marketing automation, including B2B marketing automation software, is used to "nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers." Because the marketing is automated, it can significantly trim the amount of money businesses have to dedicate to growing marketing budgets to generate increasing revenues.

Tools and platforms B2B marketing automation software companies use to help their clients increase their revenues vary from company to company. However, standard platforms include email marketing, social media profile branding and website tracking.

With website tracking, businesses can discover which countries visitors to their websites are coming from. They can also learn which external pages prospects clicked on before they launched into their websites. Some marketing firms do this by creating website visitor tracking maps, a tool that allows businesses to gain visual as well as a statistical feedback about visitors to their business websites.

Some automated marketing firms also incorporate data from video marketing platforms into these data strategies. For example, Salesfusion.com B2B solutions provide clients a YouTube dashboard that allows them to view their YouTube videos inside a customized dashboard and to share videos with their subscribers with the click of a button. Along these same lines, subscribers can share their favorite videos with people they know by clicking a single button.

Filter video metrics and the ability to embed videos into landing pages to create unique video micro-sites are other tools that are included in these solutions. To be truly robust, marketing automation software should also offer platforms for businesses to manage customer relationships, upcoming events and to capture leads.

However, even these platforms are not enough if business leaders rely solely on automated tools, failing to connect with prospects in person. After all, the process of nurturing leads involves more than developing content and publishing messages to targeted consumers or targeted business owners. In fact, the process of nurturing leads is ongoing. For example, after a business purchases products or services from another business, there's the need to schedule and maintain regular discussions between buyers and sellers.

There's also a need for businesses to continue researching leads, identifying primary wants and perceived needs that these senior leaders have. This work may seem too pressing at the start, until business leaders remember that the costs of nurturing an existing customer relationship is far less than the costs of marketing to potential customers in the hopes of landing a new client.


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