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Chronon Now Provides Time Travelling Debugging for JEE Applications

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Chronon Now Provides Time Travelling Debugging for JEE Applications

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Today Chronon have released the latest version of their time travelling debugger. This release allows full recording of any application server session through Eclipse. And we have a special offer for DZone readers to get 20% off their purchase of Chronon.

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When switched on, Chronon records every line of code that has been executed, and provides a file that can be played back wihin the IDE. Using the time travelling debugger, it's possible to travel back to find the exact cause of an issue, or the observe how the user executed the application. 

Chronon have put together this video showing how the integration works.

To record an application server:

  1. In the Servers view, right-click on the server you wish you record and select Record.
  2. Use and interact with your application however you want.
  3. Once you are done, stop the server.
  4. If you are stopping from the Console view, press the blue button, instead of the red button, to stop the server.
  5. Now you can open the recording and start debugging!

6. To examine a method, place your cursor inside it and press the 'Run to Method - Forward in Time' button.

To find out more about Chronon, read my interview with Prashant Deva, the founder and CEO of Chronon Systems.


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