CIO: My Dream Job Description

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CIO: My Dream Job Description

Let's imagine for a moment that you, who work in your company's IT teams, are asked to write a job description for your next CIO yourself!

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Job Description

The mission of our company's information systems director is to guarantee the proper functioning of the IT department and its alignment with the company's strategy and IT strategy. He will have to ensure that the relationship with the business lines is the best possible, in direct contact with the IT stakeholders, but will also have to act as an interface with the company's management.

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In this respect, it is the guarantor of the proper circulation of information and challenges, both technological and business, both in the direction of management towards the IT teams and in the other direction.

Main Concerns

Your main challenge will be to be the crossroads between the business lines, management, and IT teams. You will be a guarantor of the successful execution of the company's strategy. Able to prioritize according to returns on investment, to evaluate each request and each project according to a business case, you will prioritize according to the business value of the projects. 

You will also be able to demonstrate the Height of view and prioritize the management of the technical debt to minimize it and minimize its impacts. Despite your positioning on value, you will also need to be flexible on deadlines and costs, so as not to hinder the execution of the company's strategy.

You will also be able to communicate with all members of the IT team, understand their needs and difficulties. You will act as a coach and a natural leader, without interfering with each other's roles. You will also be the guarantor of the work environment, leaving employees in complete autonomy and responsibility in their respective positions. You will also be responsible for the training and self-training of IT employees, to grow the teams qualitatively.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that IT is well organized while allowing teams to organize themselves.

You will also be responsible for the communication of the IT team throughout the company, to improve IT visibility and extract the most value from it.


A multi-experience is desired. We are not looking for someone with a pure accountant profile, but also someone with a developer, IT architect, job, or even an entrepreneur profile.

We don’t mind about how many years of experience you have, or what is your diploma. Please just do the job!


Respect, humility, and kindness should be your mantra. We are also looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, a natural leader. You will need to be focused on business and strategy, not to mention its successful execution. You will also need to be an innovator and a catalyst for innovation in the whole company.

If you recognize yourself at least 80% in this profile, please send me your CV ;-).

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