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Cisco Has SOAP-Slipping Protocol: Report

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Cisco Has SOAP-Slipping Protocol: Report

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According to CIO.com, Cisco has a new SOAP-replacing messaging protocol called Etch, born out of its Unified Application Environment, to integrate client/server applications.

Cisco reportedly intends to beta the thing this summer and ultimately open source it.

Apparently it could also replace CORBA and EJB.

CIO says it replaces the complicated WSDL file that SOAP uses to define the interface between a client and a server “with a file in Cisco’s own interface definition language” that’s sorta like a Java interface file. (Hey, isn’t IDL CORBA?)

Anyway, it’s also supposed to cut down on the wire overhead so it can handle scads more message traffic.

CIO, which seems to be alone in knowing about Etch, describes it as language-, platform- and transport-agnostic and says it supports C# and Java “including integration into Visual Studio and Eclipse.”



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