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CiviCRM Membership renewal reminder emails from Schedule Jobs

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CiviCRM Membership renewal reminder emails from Schedule Jobs

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CiviCRM changed how it runs its scheduled jobs (cronjobs) in 4.1, deprecating the UpdateMembershipRecord.php cronjob.  Follow these instructions to enable automatically sending membership renewal emails.

Renewal behavior: For all members with a Member Status of NOT overriden, 'pending', 'cancelled', or 'expired' and their membership end date is in X days from now (where X is any number, as set in the MembershipTypes settings from Step 2), send them exactly one reminder email.

Note: Steps 1-3 should be run exactly once.  Executing the Membership Reminder Date Processor job will reset the "sent or not" status, and cause duplicate reminders to be sent.

Edit MembershipTypes: http://
For each MembershipType that should get a reminder, set the message to use, and the reminder days: http://
Manually execute the Membership Reminder Date Processor: http://
Wait for the Scheduled Job "Membership status processor" to run: http://

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