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Classify() For Alternating Rows, Columns, Etc.

I often want different rows in a table to alternate in color, and I do this by assigning each row a class name and styling it with CSS.  This is a simple helper method designed to return a class name based on the given row count.

It is also convenient for me to assign a class to table cells based on the type of content they hold.  For example, if I have a cell with a float value in it, I want to display it with a monospace font, whereas if I have a cell with a string in it, I want to display it in a serif font.

# Determines the CSS class based on either the count given
# (returns 'even' or 'odd' as the CSS class name) or the class
# given (returns the string version of the class, lowercased,
# as the CSS class name)
def classify( count_or_class, include_class_text = true )
  if count_or_class.class == Fixnum
    value = ( count_or_class % 2 == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd' )
    value = count_or_class.to_s.downcase

  if include_class_text
    'class="' << value << '"'

Example usage with alternating 'even'/'odd' row class names:

<% count = 0 %>
<% @collection.each do |value| %>
  <% count += 1 %>
<% end %>
<%=h value %>
Example usage with data type class names: <% @columns.each do |column| %> <% data = row.send( column.name ) %> > <%=h data %> <% end %>

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