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Clojure: Expectations Interaction Tests For Java Objects

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Clojure: Expectations Interaction Tests For Java Objects

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 I recently ran into some code that forced me to integrate with a Java library. While using the library I found myself wanting to do a bit of interaction testing, which I've historically done with Mockito. As a result, I added the ability to do interaction based tests on mock Java objects, directly in expectations.

Hopefully the code is what you'd expect.

(ns success.success-examples
  (:use expectations erajure.core))

;; mock interaction based testing
(expect-let [r (mock Runnable)]
            (interaction (.run r))
            (.run r))
The previous example creates a mock Runnable in an expect-let, expects the run method to be run, and then calls the run method of the mock. This test is worthless in a real world context, but it's the simplest way to demonstrate the syntax for creating a mock & specifying the interaction.

The mock function defined in erajure, a minimal wrapper around mockito. All of the "times" arguments are the same as what's available for function interaction tests, examples can be found here.


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