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Clojure's core.async Library Can Make Using Async APIs in Java Suck Less

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Callback hell isn't just a problem for JavaScript developers.  Java devs have to deal with it too when they're using asynchronous APIs.  Malcom Sparks has a tool that can help though... the Clojure core.async library.

To provide some background, I’m working on a client project which is sourcing MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) events from sensors and processing them with Storm. If you haven’t heard of MQTT, it’s the protocol driving the ‘Internet of Things’. For my test harness I’m publishing test messages using a Java-based MQTT API client-library, Eclipse Paho.

-- Malcom Sparks, MQTT in Clojure with the core.async library

Follow the link  to his blog for all the code snippets.

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