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Is the Cloud Actually the Safest Place for Your Data?

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Is the Cloud Actually the Safest Place for Your Data?

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The CTO of Citrix's Data Center and Cloud division, Simon Crosby, has a short article up on Mashable telling us why he thinks that the Cloud is actually the safest possible location for your organization's data.  His logic makes sense:

"A key tenet of security is making sure data doesn’t go astray when it leaves the enterprise. But what if data never left the enterprise in the first place? Desktop virtualization means that all data, applications and state remain centralized; users can access an immersive experience indistinguishable from traditional computing (actually even better in some regards, like instant-on apps) using either a hosted desktop or application experience, or a rich client experience. IT gains precise, granular control over applications and data. Everything is encrypted at rest, using keys that never leave the data center. Meanwhile, full back-end automation means less human involvement and less human involvement means less chance of things going wrong."

One of the key points Crosby drives home is that "Traditional endpoint security is dead."  Attackers change to quickly for a system to detect.  Guest-by-guest managing of antivirus protection would be impossible to scale, he says. 

The best solution, according to Crosby, is massive perimiter control.  That means storing data in clouds like Amazon, which already have giant security systems.

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