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Cloud Agility with AWS and Enstratius

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Download the Essential Cloud Buyer’s Guide to learn important factors to consider before selecting a provider as well as buying criteria to help you make the best decision for your infrastructure needs, brought to you in partnership with Internap.

Amazon Web Services and Enstratius, an APN Advanced Technology Partner, join together to share best practices for achieving cloud computing business agility. Learn about the role of rapid provisioning, ecosystem compute services, shared development artifacts and integrated development and operations that can bring business agility into focus.

In order to maximize the benefits of the cloud, IT and business users need to work together to ensure all of the organization's needs are met. Using Enstratius with AWS, customers efficiently enable end-to-end application agility throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Preview a list of agility requirements with grading criteria to help develop and deliver applications more rapidly into the market.

The Cloud Zone is brought to you in partnership with Internap. Read Bare-Metal Cloud 101 to learn about bare-metal cloud and how it has emerged as a way to complement virtualized services.


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