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Cloud Backup Robot Review – Such an Awesome Backup Automation Tool

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Cloud Backup Robot Review – Such an Awesome Backup Automation Tool

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Data backup process has always been a pain for most of us. It is even more complex when we examine the different expertise levels when it comes to computer users, from the novice users to the professionals. It is from this that a majority of computer users fathom the process of data backup, meaning that a majority of us never do it if at all. Mincing words (so that I can appear politeJ), this only means that we are regularly courting disaster. Imagine how much data you would lose if your computer broke down.

Luckily, computer users can now have a new software solution that seems to be working wonders. They call it the Cloud Backup Robot (website). It simply is a Windows-based software program, which gives you the capability to back your data up easily and with much convenience. Actually, that is an understatement! It makes the backup process a breeze!

What’s in Cloud Backup Robot?

Cool Easy-to-use Interface

This very easy to use data backup software program has a very ‘familiar’ user interface. What this means is that even for the most novice amongst us, you will feel very comfortable using the intuitive interface to set up the software. You get a step by step process that guides you in setting up the automated or manual backup process so that you can secure your data with ease.

Ease of Installation

To add on to this, even the software installation process is as easy. Even if you have never downloaded and installed any other program in your life, installing the cloud backup robot on your Windows computer with be very easy. You have no need to hire a software installation expert here. This makes it easy to install and use.

Scheduled or Manual Backups – Your Choice

With this software, you have the option to run manual backups or to automate the backup process. In cases where you feel you have just added some new data and information on your computer that you need to back up right away, you simply activate the backup process to start manually. Alternatively, you can set the software to be backing up your data on specific days and times, say every Friday at 3pm for instance. This automates the entire backup process. You simply set and forget and still have your data secured.

Backup Data Saving Options

Besides being able to schedule backups, this software also allows you to choose where you want your backed-up data to be stored. You can either have it saved on your computer, in a network server, or even in the cloud. It is compatible with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive.

So far, this is the one data backup software that I have used that gives me flexibility, convenience and reliability. Using it to back up data is so easy anyone should try this today. You can even use a demo version to test it out before getting the actual product. It simply presents the one solution you have been looking for to automate and simplify your data backup process on your Windows platform.

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