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Cloud Based Computing: 3 Benefits of Building Your Business Around It

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Cloud Based Computing: 3 Benefits of Building Your Business Around It

Cloud technology is hot right now. Check out these three reasons cloud is dominating like automatic project updates, growing business, and behavior analysis.

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Why build a business on cloud computing? There are many of you business entrepreneurs out there who are already asking this now. Probably, chances are you have not heard of the term or even if you are already aware of it, you have not recognized it. That is because cloud computing is the new computing technology and you have already been using it by now, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Key Benefits of Using Cloud in Your Business:

There are many things you may not know about the cloud. However, as a business owner, you must be aware of the invaluable benefits this technology can provide you if you tap into its potential. Here are the major benefits of using cloud:

#1 – Getting Projects Automatically Updated and With Less Hassle

Life would be different without the cloud. No Cloud means no Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Gmail or even Uber. Whether it is managing your photos, posting the latest status, spotting the nearest Uber car, all these are possible using the cloud infrastructure.

The cloud combines both software and data so that the server is able to return back with a relevant information, which is then directly displayed to your screen through the web. To explain the process, here is an example of the iCloud (the photo-syncing service of iPhone) that matches the images taken from your handheld device with that on your personal computer. When you take a picture and your phone's internet connection is off, the software in your device captures the image instead and saves it for usage later. When you are back online, then the stored data would be sent to the cloud and from there it would be delivered to your computer software when it is online. That means you can access automatic updates, which will keep your business performance up-to-date especially when it comes to your design projects or even building apps with web API. It eliminates the fear of losing your work in case of hardware crashdowns and you can quickly share these with your clients as and when needed. Speaking of software updates and server upgrades, cloud computing will automatically get these things done without you having to worry much.

#2 – Growing a Business Becomes Faster and Easier With Cloud

With cloud computing, you can leverage an already existing infrastructure instead of wasting more of your resources to add another one. Like this essential information of cloud computing, the best thing about working with the cloud is that it can connect you with your co-workers situated across different regions. When all your web designers, web developers, and business development executives are working together under one cloud, the work progress becomes faster and efficient. That is because the cloud allows everyone to upload and share projects and opinions with each other from any corner of the world. This results in flexible workflow, which is often what many the work floor of many companies is deprived of. In addition, it cuts off the additional IT costs and other operational issues. Cloud computing creates that virtual office work space, where business operations can be carried out efficiently and without interruptions.

#3 – Cloud Makes Market and Customer Behavior Analysis Careful and Thoughtful

Analyzing the market behavior can help you make an improved decision. And this becomes easier when you have relevant knowledge about your customers. The good thing about the cloud is that it is the result of the Big Data that is being retrieved from a number of different technologies. A lot of customers today are digital end customers who like to keep up with the latest information about the brands that they prefer to follow. Cloud based platforms such as the Facebook or the Twitter are some of the places where they get product information and even share their views. With cloud based computing, a customer can access this information from multiple devices be it the smartphone or a laptop. However, the combination of these cloud technologies is what makes the savvy usage of online activity data and other information by companies in order to scale greater efficiency and agility. The next step that generally follows is the slicing and dicing of the vast data in order to generate informed insights based on behavior analytics. The result is, a company can master-up their marketing strategy based on data analytics and offer customers with more. For example, if a consumer appears to be a regular buyer of a particular product, then the brand can shoot out relevant discount coupons and offers directly to him/her. Cloud computing is changing the game of marketing and business trend. No doubt about it.


The above essential factors are what makes cloud computing a technology with unlimited potentialities. Approaching the topic from a general point of view, cloud computing helps in the making of business agility, development of new business models, better use of resources, lesser operational issues, lesser capital expense and much more. Therefore, deploying your business strategies with cloud computing is the necessary step to grow your market base faster and stronger today.

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