Cloud Computing vs. VPS Hosting

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Cloud Computing vs. VPS Hosting

Get a good look at two similar, but different, technologies. See if a private cloud or a virtual private server is right for you. Take a look at the similarities and differences.

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Cloud servers are often considered synonyms to virtual private servers because both are set up in a virtualized environment and they share most benefits and features. However, the crucial difference between the terms could make a lot of difference for organizations planning to host their business or move from shared hosting.

A VPS server is a division of a physical machine into several small servers equipped with a set of dedicated resources allocated to each user residing on the same server. However, private cloud uses several servers along with distributed resources, but unlike virtual server, it is a dedicated to a single user.


Location: Virtual private servers are hosted at an off-site, third-party web hosting provider, while a private cloud is located on-site or in the data center built by the organization. Nevertheless, now most data center providers are offering private cloud services where companies can use the hardware and host their data and applications on the server, whereas the service provider takes the responsibility of server management.

Scalability: The main difference between cloud computing and VPS hosting is scaling resources. If you want to scale your VPS resources, you'll have to upgrade your service manually, raise a support ticket, or get in touch with their tech support to get further with this. In this regard, cloud solutions are far more reliable, as it comes with a control panel that enables you to add more resources such as machines, storage space, and databases easily and conveniently.

Cost: In terms of cost, virtual server is more efficient than private cloud servers. The IT overhead is high because you need to invest in hardware, installation and set-up, maintenance, and a lot more. Hosted private cloud cut down these expenses, but it also takes away the control and access you get over your environment in case of on-site cloud server.

Making the Right Choice

The key advantage of virtual private server is that it offers an extensive range of preconfigured servers and is highly cost effective. The hosting solution is best suited for companies with predictable traffic websites. On the other hand, cloud hosting offers advanced automated redundancy and freely scalable servers and in addition, cloud-based solutions are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Comparatively, VPS Servers is cost-effective and companies with small budget can go for it.

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