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Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, and More! [Video]

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Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, and More! [Video]

This video interview with a Google employee considers the state of the cloud and containerized app development as well as scaling microservices.

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I recently sat down to have coffee with Carter Morgan to talk about where we’re at with cloud, containers, Kubernetes, and more! I learned about how he came to be a Googler (it was a unique application, to say the least!) as well as where you can learn all about his work with scalable microservices.

See the full video here:

If you’re not already familiar with Kubernetes or the Google Kubernetes Platform, you can learn more about managing containerized applications with it here.

Using Containers? Read our Kubernetes Comparison eBook to learn the positives and negatives of Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker Swarm and EC2 Container Services.

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