Cloud-First, Mobile-First Vision and Roadmap for SharePoint

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Cloud-First, Mobile-First Vision and Roadmap for SharePoint

There are big plans in store for SharePoint. From better integration with the cloud to tools for mobile developers, see what SharePoint now offers and will offer.

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Microsoft has announced a cloud-first, mobile-first vision and roadmap for SharePoint, along with innovations for people to discover, share and collaborate from anywhere and on any device. The general availability of SharePoint Server 2016 was also announced.

The Vision

The vision for SharePoint Online in the cloud and SharePoint Server on-premises with their progress is outlined below, as well as the roadmap across four areas of innovation:

1. Simple and powerful file sharing and collaboration on any device.

2. The mobile and intelligent intranet, with modern team sites, publishing and business applications on your desktop and in your pocket.

3. An open and connected platform that evolves SharePoint extensibility to embrace modern web development.

4. Investments in security, privacy and compliance across Office 365.

What it Does

The following capabilities will be rolling out this quarter:

  1. Access to SharePoint Online document libraries and Office 365 Group files from the OneDrive mobile app.

  2. Intelligent discovery of documents from both OneDrive and SharePoint.

  3. Copy from OneDrive to SharePoint in the OneDrive web experience.

  4. OneDrive Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.

And these features should be out before the end of calendar year 2016:

  1. Document analytics surfaced in OneDrive to provide insight into document usage, reach, and impact.

  2. Synchronization of SharePoint Online document libraries with the new OneDrive sync client.

  3. Synchronization of shared folders with the new OneDrive sync client.

  4. Mobile access to SharePoint document libraries in on-premises farms.

  5. Move and copy files between OneDrive and SharePoint in web experiences.

The Mobile and Intelligent Intranet

While you are on the go, SharePoint is making your intranet more accessible, more intelligent, and more personalized.

Here's the roadmap for the mobile and intelligent intranet, starting with this quarter:

  1. Modern document library experience (currently rolling out to First Release tenants).

  2. SharePoint mobile app for iOS.

  3. SharePoint home in Office 365.

  4. Modern lists experience.

  5. Site activity and insights on the Site Contents page.

And during calendar year 2016:

  1. SharePoint mobile app for Windows and Android.

  2. Integration of SharePoint sites and Office 365 Groups.

  3. Simple, fast site creation.

  4. Modern pages experience.

  5. Team and organizational news and announcements.

  6. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow integration with SharePoint.

The SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Framework is a page and part model that enables fully supported client-side development, easy integration with Microsoft Graph, and support for open source tooling.

The SharePoint Framework will be released to Office 365 customers in First Release this summer. Web parts built with the framework can be added to modern pages, experiences, and to existing pages.

In the third quarter of 2016:

  1. 1.The Files API on Microsoft Graph.

  2. SharePoint Webhooks (preview).

  3. Client-side web parts for existing pages (preview).

By the end of 2016:

  1. The Sites API on Microsoft Graph.

  2. SharePoint Webhooks (GA).

  3. Custom sites on the SharePoint Framework.

Security, Privacy, and Compliance

In SharePoint, Microsoft brings together security, privacy, and compliance with a simple and powerful set of administrative controls, policies, and reports.

There are also dynamic conditional access policies in SharePoint that intelligently define access based on who you are, the app or device you are using and your network location.

Currently supported:
• Customer Lockbox.
• DLP, mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).
• Whitelist and blacklist domains for external sharing.

To be released this quarter:
• Dynamic conditional access policies.

By the end of 2016:
• New datacenters in Germany and Canada.
• Bring your own encryption key.
• Granular access controls.
• SharePoint site classification.
• Hybrid SharePoint Insights (preview).

For on-premises and hybrid customers, SharePoint Server 2016, Project Server 2016 and Office Online Server are now generally available and can be deployed to your datacenter.

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