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The Cloud Foundry Foundation Officially Launches!

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The Cloud Foundry Foundation Officially Launches!

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ActiveState is very proud to be a founding gold member of the brand new Cloud Foundry Foundation! We look forward to the new governing model and collaborating with our fellow members.

Cloud Foundry is already the de facto enterprise PaaS standard and today's commitment from about 50 member companies (7 platinum, 12 gold, and 24+ silver) ensures it will keep its lead over the also-ran competitors. This is really important because the primary open-source PaaS competitor to Cloud Foundry controls its direction exclusively; there are no other companies responsible for its governance. If you were considering adopting a PaaS framework, would you select them (single backer) or Cloud Foundry (~50 backers)? We chose Cloud Foundry more than four years ago and haven't looked back since.

According to the Foundation board members, "Cloud Foundry is the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) open source project and has seen a 36% increase in community contributions, nearly 1,700 pull requests, in the past year." More importantly, it seems to have the majority of marketshare in large enterprises and the vast majority of mindshare among analysts I've met with recently at 451 Group and Gartner. As Jeff Hobbs, our CTO puts it: "Cloud Foundry is critical to our business, and we view the Foundation as a key way to ensure its longevity and stability. As more companies come together to contribute to this open source project, the ecosystem will only grow stronger and innovation will occur at an even faster pace.”

The Cloud Foundry Foundation was originally announced in February 2014. I wrote about our initial reaction the following day, along with several other updates along the way, and we've been tracking it closely in the monthly Community Advisory Board (CAB) calls. The platinum members have been working very hard since February to cross all the t's and dot the i's so this can launch today. I imagine a lot of lawyers have been extremely busy as well... Their efforts were well worth it and we look forward to continuing to contribute to the success of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and its users.

To learn more about how Stackato uses Cloud Foundry (and Docker), please see Jeff's post from June, Stackato and Lessons Learned with Cloud Foundry. We believe that, in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, everybody wins, and we are excited to start working with the Foundation!

Stackato is the easiest way to get started with Cloud Foundry; try it today and receive a free 20GB cluster license.

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.


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