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Cloud Foundry PHP Buildpack Doesn’t Support Lucid 64

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Cloud Foundry PHP Buildpack Doesn’t Support Lucid 64

Recently Canonical announced it is dropping support for Lucid 64, which is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. What does this mean for Cloud Foundry and the PHP buildpack?

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Recently the company that owns development for Ubuntu (Canonical) announced it is dropping support for Lucid 64, which is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. What does this mean for Cloud Foundry and the PHP buildpack?

Well, nothing really, but there are a couple of gotcha’s you should know about.

If you are pushing an app to Cloud Foundry and getting an error message like the following, there is a workaround you need to do to get the PHP buildpack to work.

[08:49 AM] jsloyer@Jeffs-MacBook-Pro-2 [php]>cf push phpinfo-jbs2 -b https://github.com/cloudfoundry/php-buildpack.git
It looks like you're deploying on a stack (currently set to *lucid64*) that's not supported by this buildpack.
That could be because you're using a recent buildpack release on a deprecated stack.
If you're using the buildpack installed by your CF admin, please let your admin know you saw this error message.
If you at one point specified a buildpack that's at git URL, please make sure you're pointed at a version that supports this stack.
Staging failed: Buildpack compilation step failed


What this is saying is the instance of Cloud Foundry that you are running on the default stack you get is an old version of Ubuntu. The PHP buildpack excepts the newer version of Linux. This stack is called cflinuxfs2, also known as Ubuntu 14.04.

To work around this you just need to specify the stack you want to use:

cf push phpinfo-jbs2 -b https://github.com/cloudfoundry/php-buildpack.git -s cflinuxfs2

More information on this issue can be found on GitHub.

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