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Cloud Foundry Summit Interviews [Videos]

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Cloud Foundry Summit Interviews [Videos]

Back from the front lines of June's Cloud Foundry Summit, check out these video interviews that cover hybrid cloud, cloud providers, and recent Cloud Foundry happenings.

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Back in June, I attended the Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara, California, and grabbed a bunch of interviews. As an example, here is a quick summary of the summit as seen through the eyes of tech evangelist and commentator Ben Kepes:

Ben Kepes

  • Ben talks about the great vibe and community as well as how Cloud Foundry and “serverless” computing do or do not fit together.
  • He also gives his thoughts about what over the next year, Cloud Foundry needs to do and watch out for.
  • Ben ends by talking about what he thinks is the most exciting technology/development out there today (spoiler alert, its developer tools).

Some Context

Before we get to the rest of the videos, here are some quick notes:

There were a bunch of announcements at the event, two of the biggest being Microsoft joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation and the announcement of the Foundation’s inclusion of the Kubo project which is designed to help manage containers using Kubernetes by applying Cloud Foundry’s BOSH.

On the Dell EMC side, we gave a bunch of talks and had a booth where we showed of the work that our “Dojo” is doing in writing and contributing code to the Cloud Foundry foundation.  We also featured our Native Hybrid Cloud offering, which is a turnkey developer platform based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Interviews From the Front 

Below are the rest of the videos I captured at Cloud Foundry Summit.  Featured are representatives of Google, Datadog, GE Predix, the Cloud Foundry foundation, anynines, and Dell EMC.



  • Ray Colletti of Datadog talks about what they do, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. (Datadog is an infrastructure monitoring platform that plays well with everyone from Cloud Foundry to AWS to Azure to Google Cloud and more).
  • Ray discusses how Datadog has adapted to the changes in the industry over the last four years, the announcement of Datadog’s official Cloud Foundry integration, and general integrations with other ecosystem players.
  • He ends by discussing their focus on alerts over the next year.

Native Hybrid Cloud

  • Drew Dimmick of Dell EMC’s Native Hybrid Cloud team talks about what this Pivotal Cloud Foundry-based offering is made of and what it allows organizations to do.
  • Drew talks about Dell EMC’s value-add on top of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the Developer Workbench. The Workbench is made up of the Access tool as well as Fractal.
  • He also explains the different focuses of Native Hybrid Cloud and Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.


  • Chip Childers, CTO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation talks about Kubo which just joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation.
  • Kubo is a packaging of Kubernetes that can be deployed by Cloud Foundry’s “BOSH” onto any cloud infrastructure.
  • Chip also discusses Microsoft joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation.


  • Talking to Julian Fischer, founder and CEO of anynines, which is based in Germany. anynines’ main focus is building data services around Cloud Foundry.
  • Julian sees the Cloud Foundry runtime as one of its key assets but became aware of its need for production-grade data services. As a result, they have chosen to focus on these services.
  • Key segments they focus on are insurance and manufacturing, which are currently undergoing digital transformation.

Google Cloud Platform

  • Colleen Bryant of Google talks about her team, which handles open source integration with Google Cloud Platform as well as her specific focus on the GCP service broker for Cloud Foundry.
  • She explains how Cloud Foundry, GCE (Google’s VM offering), and GCP all work together, as well as what the heck’s a “tile.”

GE Predix

  • Talking with Ryan Bohm, a developer evangelist within GE digital, focusing on their Predix Platform.
  • Ryan talks about their Cloud Foundry-based platform and its focus on the Industrial Internet of Things and specifically the analysis of big data.
  • She explains their efforts to build their developer program and the dev certification program they launched recently.

Extra-Credit Reading

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