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Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting For eCommerce Solutions

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Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting For eCommerce Solutions

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With rapid advancements in the ongoing battle of eCommerce, everyone is in a race to get the best eCommerce Hosting solution for their websites. An eCommerce Hosting solution is what that holds your eCommerce website and makes it accessible all over the world.  If that host goes down due to any cause, your website goes down too. So if, it is competition we talk about, no one would like their business to abruptly end while others enjoy seamless uptime. This makes one wonder what eCommerce Hosting plan in its wide selection can be the most successful and reliable alternative.

There are varied types of Hosting plans such as shared Hosting, dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting. By now you all would have known what shared or dedicated Hosting is. In this post, we will present a comparative analysis between Cloud and VPS Hosting exclusively for eCommerce.

E-Commerce VPS Hosting

VPS hosts your eCommerce website  on servers that are partially virtual, and resides in an existing physical server. Like Shared Hosting, VPS also partitions its resources to more than one website but in comparison to traditional Hosting of any time it is a far better option. VPS also provisions its resources to users as rentals but it provides a green environment for websites to grow. Still, singular server backup can be dicey for websites in VPS Hosting

E-Commerce Cloud Hosting

E-Commerce Cloud Hosting  is the modernized form of VPS Hosting. In eCommerce Cloud, there is a cluster of servers at the disposal of users which guarantee their website a 99.99 percent uptime. Secondly, an eCommerce Cloud is rich in resources which are all scalable. In eCommerce, Cloud users are not charged as rentals and they get to pay only for the resources they use.

What to choose

For eCommerce, it is necessary for users to utilize the most reliable form of Hosting. This is why, we encourage our readers that they should prefer eCommerce Cloud Hosting. The surplus of resources, that eCommerce Cloud offers to users, is the essential requirements for developing and growing successful eCommerce businesses. The pay-per-use feature of the eCommerce Cloud also proves to be extremely cost effective, and the high security model that the eCommerce Cloud includes, guarantees iron-clad security to a business.



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