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Cloud Monitoring Goes Mobile

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As more IT organizations realize the benefits of cloud monitoring solutions, sys-admins will start asking, "Hey, why can't I access our monitoring software on my phone?"  Companies like CloudKick provide a web interface, but today a cloud systems, network, and applications monitoring software company, Monitis, unleashed a service for using their monitoring suite on mobile devices.  The company says their new Monitis Moible service is, "James Bond Meets IT Management."

Monitis Mobile

Monitis Mobile is offered as a free service within Monitis' monitoring tool suite.  The service is compatible with the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian devices.  IT managers around the world are able to use the service to access a wide array of system monitoring data, and constantly be aware of its status.  Monitis will even send voice alerts when there is a problem with your systems, network, or applications.  

The mobile service lets sys-admins and IT managers access all of their Monitis data and take snapshots of any recent checks.  Each of Monitis' monitoring tools, both internal and external, are available through Mobile Monitis.  This gives IT managers a reading on their page-load times (tested from multiple locations) and visibility into their internal server metrics, including CPU, memory, and more.  All of this can be done while you're out of the office.

Monitis is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, making monitoring deployment incredibly easy for an IT manager.  Their software consolidates backend monitoring, website monitoring, application monitoring, and cloud monitoring in one package.  The Monitis platform is also easily customizable.  You can use their tools for a variety of IT assets including websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices.  For more info on Monitis, check out their website.

Image via Monitis

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