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Cloud On The Customers’ Terms

iland offers maximum flexibility with new ReST API and software development kits

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iland cloud API empowers developers to tap the advanced security, disaster recovery, compliance, management and big data functionality of iland’s enterprise-class cloud

iland, an award-winning enterprise cloud hosting provider, today announced its new iland cloud API, enabling customers to easily access cloud data, deploy workloads, and integrate the iland cloud into their own management tools. By releasing the API along with Python, Java and Golang software development kits (SDKs), iland gives DevOps, IT Operations and managed service providers yet another vector of customizability and flexibility to interface with cloud on their own terms.

“From day one, we designed the iland cloud to give companies the fastest possible path to the scalability, cost efficiency and agility benefits of cloud while also ensuring customers never sacrifice transparency or security,” said Justin Giardina, CTO at iland. “By leveraging ReSTful endpoints, we’ve been able to rapidly integrate advanced security, disaster recovery and other features that set us apart from the competition. With the new API, we’re now giving customers the ability to directly access and build on top of that integration so they can focus on designing and delivering new capabilities for their business.”

Unlike most cloud infrastructure offerings, iland Enterprise Cloud Services-Advanced Security (ECS-AS) platform integrates advanced security, compliance, disaster recovery, backup, monitoring and resource management functionality to ease cloud adoption and ensure rapid success. Further, iland ECS is built on the open source Apache Cassandra global data warehouse, giving iland and its customers a powerful Big Data back-end that fuels intelligent control, automation and reporting capabilities. iland’s cloud console allows companies to manage all of this functionality from a single web-based interface, which is ideal for many cloud infrastructure customers.

Now with the new iland cloud API, customers also have the option of programmatically interfacing with the iland cloud and all of its advanced features – from security information to disaster recovery to the vast resources in the Big Data back-end. This straightforward gateway to comprehensive data and services enables customers to further benefit from the unmatched transparency, granular resource control of vApps, clear pricing and nuanced alerting of the iland cloud. The API and SDKs provide seamless access to the complete functionality integrated into the iland cloud, assembled into a single stack of accessible services. The iland API is built using the ReST architecture, which, due to its usability, is the industry-leading approach to exposing functionality.

iland’s global customers will deploy this API towards a host of innovative uses, but some initial approaches include:

DevOps and Operations automation: Developers and systems engineers can rapidly spin up virtual machines or configure systems using their existing deployment tools. There is no need for extended training or a deep understanding of the data structure and workflow to add a connector. The straightforward SDKs mean creating the lightweight cloud interfaces can be simple.

Operations integration: Operations teams can access and visually integrate cloud data alongside their other monitoring tools in a single display or network operations center.

Reporting Flexibility: Whether delivering billing reports or assembling executive updates, the API can ensure IT can easily and accurately demonstrate cloud success.

Data to fuel innovation: With access to the iland Big Data back-end, customers can leverage performance, capacity, usage, security and compliance information about their systems to drive decision-making, prioritization, and IT innovation.


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