This Month in Cloud: AWS Lambda, Azure Stack, and Containers

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This Month in Cloud: AWS Lambda, Azure Stack, and Containers

This month, we look back at the latest cloud news and developments, as well as a few interesting tidbits about containerization and open source software.

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The fascinating thing about the cloud is that it's so ubiquitous, but it's never stagnant. Even seemingly mundane changes can have a huge impact. So, let's take a look at what's been going on in the cloud-o-sphere.

Looking Cloudy Out

  1. Did Amazon Just Kill Open Source? by Yaron Haviv. What's great about this article is that the premise is so obvious in hindsight, and it taps into a conflict we've faced since civilization began: Should we choose convenience in the short term at the possible expense of long-term health? See how managed services might be the beginning of the end for OSS.
  2. Container Technologies Overview, by Jatin Aneja. When a technology like containerization catches fire, it can be tough to take a clear, honest look at it through the hype. But the great thing about this post is the fact that it not only considers both the advantages and disadvantages of containers, but also how they compare to VMs.
  3. The Pros and Cons of AWS Lambda, by Matt Billock. Speaking of even-handed articles, this is a look at what AWS' serverless offering, Lambda, is and isn't good for. 
  4. Lessons Learned: Serverless Chatbot Architecture, by Michael Wittig. The Wittigs are perennial favorites of ours, and it's easy to see why. Take a look at how they made a serverless chatbot to help DevOps teams and what they learned from the experience.
  5. ECS vs. Kubernetes: Similar, but Different, by Andreas Wittig. And speaking of the Wittigs, take a look at this take on how AWS ECS and Kubernetes handle container orchestration, how they compare to each other, and which works best for which situations.

Going Stormchasing

Azure Stack Arrives

The long wait is over! Azure Stack (and a free dev kit) are out! Enjoy the power of the Azure cloud on your premises. This article provides a solid introduction to Azure Stack and what it can offer your organization, particularly for DevOps.

Cloud vs. Clouds

It seems so sudden that the shift has gone from "the cloud" to "the clouds." This article is written from a CIO's perspective, but the important part is that no matter which road you choose (public, private, hybrid, multi), make sure redundancy is at the forefront of your discussions.

Fighting the IP Trolls

This isn't new, but it's still worth a look. IP trolling (or patent trolling), for the uninitiated, is a fairly aggravating practice where firms try to enforce a patent far beyond its original scope or value. To that end, earlier this year, Microsoft launched Azure IP Advantage this year to help fight it. I can't help but wonder if and when this trend will take hold among other providers to let developers... develop.

Who's Hiring?

Cloud Service Program Manager
Location: Santa Clara, California, United States
Experience: Excellent communication skills, and the ability to break down complex problems into concrete steps that drive projects forward. Also, applicants should have experience with:

  • SQL or similar data analytics knowledge.
  • Excel or other analytical modeling.
  • A BS in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or related technical degree.

Software Engineer: Azure Cloud and Enterprise
Location: Redmond, Washington, United States
Experience: 2+ years of software development and software design with industry experience in shipping products. 1+ years of experience with web technologies such as React, TypeScript, JS, HTML5, CSS, REST, and modern open-source web frameworks. 1+ years of experience with C++, C#, Objective C, or Java. At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent

Diving Deeper Into Cloud

  1. Refcard: Getting Started With OpenStack

  2. Guide: The Cloud: Native Development and Deployment

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