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Cloud Security Alliance – Looking Out for the Users

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Cloud Security Alliance – Looking Out for the Users

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In the CloudU  report we recently published looking at Cloud Security, we were at pains to point out that security in the Cloud is very much a partnership between vendors and customers – with both sides having a responsibility to “do their part.”

One example of vendors doing there part is the Cloud Security Alliance, an awesome and, thankfully, vendor neutral non profit organization that was former with the idea of promoting best practices in terms of Cloud security.

I’ve been following the growth of CSA chapters internationally – while it’s always pretty easy to set up initiatives like this in the US, with its large population of interested parties, the real proof of the pudding comes when trying to extend the input area internationally.

I read the news about the UK and Ireland wing of the CSA and the fact that it’s appointed its own communications director to further the message. The UK and Ireland branch of the CSA was set up in recognition that the issues raised by Cloud Computing vary from region to region, and that it’s always best to put a local context on any particular issue.

The reason that the CSA is such an important body is that Cloud is no longer simply something that technologists need to know about – rather Cloud is gaining interest from outside parties, it has become a mainstream proposition and with that goes the obligation to ensure that users are kept safe – the CSA is helping to articulate the message about what vendors, and perhaps more importantly customers, need to do to stay safe in the Cloud.

As the UK branch of the CSA said recently;

Before 2011, I don’t think we were having these debates. It was all very industry focused. We are still dealing with early adopters, but the curve is growing. We see people who are using Cloud but have no idea they are doing so.

The world has changed. Cloud is now mainstream and the issues that impact upon its uptake need to be understood by technologists and users alike. The CSA is one step in the process of making sure the Cloud is a viable proposition – for vendors and customers alike.

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