CloudBees CEO on Rising Stars and Easing DevOps Evolution

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CloudBees CEO on Rising Stars and Easing DevOps Evolution

Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees, reflects on the shift of Jenkins from CI to CD, and mentions some DevOps pros to watch.

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In preparation for Jenkins World this September 13-15, I spoke with Sacha Labourey, the CEO of CloudBees, the company behind Jenkins. You can register for Jenkins World 20% off by using our code JWDZOCUST when you register as a general attendee at this link!

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CloudBees and Jenkins have been making a shift from CI to CD over the past few years. What inspired you and your team to make this change?

This is an interesting question. The evolution of Jenkins really evolved out of the evolution of its users. This is never a tectonic shift, but rather an evolutionary process. Teams typically start extending their CI process by adding more steps, getting closer to deployment and production. As such, Jenkins, thanks to its extreme flexibility, started supporting more and more 3rd party tools focused on the post-CI steps. As it stands, Jenkins now supports more than 1,200 extensions and is not just the de facto server for CI, but for CD as well. It terms of Jenkins users, it obviously all depends on where they are in their adoption of CI or CD. Even though the Jenkins user base is huge, a large number of companies still haven't invested in CI. So, the spectrum of usage is pretty wide.

Are there any industries you’re surprised are already adopting CD and DevOps practices?

I actually don't think it is a matter of industries, as we see it being adopted across all industries. It is more a matter of the DNA specific to organizations: have they identified that software is key to running a successful business and have they done something about it? As such, we have been seeing for years now that the first movers on disruptive technology tend to be the up-and-coming innovators, a la Netflix or Tesla, leveraging software to challenge established vendors, which, in turn, are forced to up their game in order to remain competitive. This clearly has a domino effect on all companies in all industries, big and small.

We all know Gene, Kohsuke, Jez, etc., but who are some rising stars in the industry that we should watch?

The rising stars are everywhere, they might not be writing legendary books or leading top open source projects, but they wake up every day with the mission to challenge the status quo in their organization and build a state of the art software culture at the core of it. That requires talent, expertise, patience, and persistence. We are lucky enough at CloudBees to interact with such rising stars—they include Jacob Tomaw at Orbitz/Expedia, Harald Goettlicher at Bosch, Nirmal Mehta, Booz Allen. You may not know them, but they are some of the change agents who, step by step, morph their companies into highly-competitive, software-first companies.

What do you think the future holds for DevOps? Any technologies on the horizon that have the potential to really shake things up?

DevOps is a hugely innovative space these days, and so new technology will inevitably pop up at a high pace. Yet, my opinion is that what the market would benefit from currently is more guidance, more integrated DevOps stacks, some kind of "safe choice" that can be later customized. The willingness is there to be more efficient—companies don't have an inherent desire to not be more efficient, but the adoption of new tools and processes can be overwhelming for IT organizations that already doing their best to keep up with their existing commitments. As such, anything that can be done to ease that evolution can have a material impact.

Which of CloudBees’ accomplishments are you most proud of?

I'm proud of being part of a great team—building great products and delivering a great experience and great value to customers. We couldn't be growing at our current pace otherwise.

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If you're interested in attending the show, be sure to use our code JWDZOCUST when you register!

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