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The Cloudcast #101: Software Defined Storage

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The Cloudcast #101: Software Defined Storage

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The Cloudcast #101 - Software-Defined Storage (28:38)

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Date: September 16, 2013

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Theron Conrey (@theronconrey) and John Mark Walker (RedHat) about Converged Infrastructure, software-defined storage, and the evolution of the Gluster FS Community with other communities, such as OpenStack, Hadoop and others. Music Credits: Nine Inch Nails - www.nin.com

Topic 1: What are the big trends in converged infrastructure?

Topic 2: Gluster intro for those unfamiliar, how does Gluster fit into the Red Hat big picture?

Topic 3: Tell us about Red Hat Storage Server (RHEL + Gluster + oVirt + XFS file system).

Topic 4: Is the Red Hat Storage Server basically a converged infrastructure?

Topic 5: Gluster integration with OpenStack?

Topic 6: Gluster Community Day - Thursday after this event. What are the highlights?
Topic 7: What is the future of all these storage projects -- Storage OS, Storage Hypervisor, something else?

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