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The Cloudcast - #114 - Evolving to SDN DevOps

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The Cloudcast - #114 - Evolving to SDN DevOps

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Date: October 21, 2013

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with Jason Edelman (@jedelman8, SDN Evangelist, Principal Solutions Architect - Presidio) about his evolution from traditional networking skills to his focus on SDN and the programmability of networks. They discuss various SDN architectures, learning to write code, the challenge of silo’d organizations and where he sees networking evolving over time.

Topic 1 - Tell us about your background as there are aspects that are traditional and some that are fairly bleeding-edge.

Topic 2 - You’ve been balancing “traditional networking” and SDN for at least the last couple years. How have you been trying to structure your thinking and learning about the new stuff? (example: there seems to now be a split between networking in the cloud controller and networking in the SDN controller. isn’t this confusing and potentially causing problems?)

Topic 3 - Part of your evolution has been to begin learning how to write code. This is unfamiliar territory for most networking engineers. How is that process going?

Topic 4 - You recently did a write-up on your first “SDN” project, that you call Network Control Manager . Walk us through what you did and how the project evolved?

Topic 5 - You interact with a broad range of customers. What are you seeing as their thinking as it relates to the evolution of networking?

Topic 6 - What has surprised you the most as you’ve dug into these technologies? Is there an “ah ha!” moment that has you thinking that this is really going to be different?

Deploy code to production now. Release to users when ready. Learn how to separate code deployment from user-facing feature releases with LaunchDarkly.


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