The Cloudcast #131 - Distributed Chaos, Security's New Normal

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The Cloudcast #131 - Distributed Chaos, Security's New Normal

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The Cloudcast #131 - Distributed Chaos, Security's New Normal (30:49)

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Date: February 20, 2014

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with John Barco (VP of Products @ ForgeRock) and Engin Kirda (Co-Founder @ Lastline) about Identity Management, Advanced Persistent Threats, Open-Source, Advanced Malware, State-Sponsored Attacks, Internet of Things and other security trends prior to the RSA Conference. Music Credit: Nine Inch Nails (www.nin.com)

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Topic 1 -To an outsider, like myself, this seems like a really, really crazy time in the Security space.Between mobile devices, Internet of Things, Social Networks, State-Sponsored attacks, cheap cloud computing - are we in a unique time or is this just the new normal?

Topic 2 - Lastline just released v4.7, which allows direct integration of APT technology into VMware ESX. We hear quite a bit of talk about SDN, but security has always been an appliance or agent approach. Is this the next step? Is it just critical to be closer to the applications and how they are deployed now?
Topic 3 - ForgeRock likes to talk about Identity Relationship Management, and I read a recent blog (John Barco discusses Identity and Internet of Things -   http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/2950921) of your’s John that talks about how it’s no longer about identity and it’s about relationships. Can you elaborate?

Topic 4 - Both of your companies offer your software in a very modern manner, with options for open-source (ForgeRock) or SaaS monitoring. How much of a difference do these new options help security companies (and IT security teams) keep up with all the threats?

Topic 5 - What’s going on with all this NSA stuff? How much does it impact your customers?

Topic 6 - What’s the message you take to CIO’s these days, considering all the chaos in security these days?


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