The Cloudcast #142 - OpenDaylight Meets OpenStack

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The Cloudcast #142 - OpenDaylight Meets OpenStack

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Date: May 17, 2014

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian and Amy Lewis (@commsninja) talk with Neela Jacques (@NeelaJacques), Executive Director of the OpenDaylight Project about the evolution of SDN, how code gets developed between competiting (and cooperating) companies, how customers view SDN and ODL and the connection points between OpenDaylight and OpenStack. Music Credit: Nine Inch Nails (www.nin.com)

About Neela Jacques (@NeelaJacques) - Executive Director at OpenDaylight Project. Drove SDDC vision and strategy @ VMware, now fostering innovation in Networking. Product Manager for VMware vCloud Suite, VMware VSPP program

Open Daylight (Homepage) -http://www.opendaylight.org/

Topic 1 - How did someone with background from Microsoft, Bain and VMware become the leader from an open-source networking project? 
Topic 2 - For anyone that isn’t a network-centric person, what is the Open Daylight Project? 
Topic 3 - Where is the traction for Controller-Based networking today? Is it a market segment (size), or a vertical market, or a few early use-cases (WAN, Wireless, Data Center)? 
Topic 4 - OpenStack Neutron, Open vSwitch, Openflow, Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, OVSdb - Where do all these things interconnect with Open Daylight? 
Topic 5 - We know that vendors are heavily involved with ODL, but what is the customer involvement? What about testing agencies for interop (eg. CableLabs, UNH, etc.)?

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