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The Cloudcast #149 - Perspective from Cloud Foundry Summit

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The Cloudcast #149 - Perspective from Cloud Foundry Summit

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Date: June 18, 2014

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Kenny Coleman (@kendrickcoleman, Cloud Architect) about his experience and perspective at Cloud Foundry Summit. They discuss how different the customer stories were from traditional IT, the evolution of the technology, how software is changing industries and how this impacts today’s IT professional. They also discuss why smart infrastructure professionals are moving towards development. Music Credit: Nine Inch Nails (www.nin.com)

Before we introduce our guest, we recap our “State of the Podcast” lunch we recently had and how we’re planning to change the focus of the show
The Story of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon ("Asleep in the Wood") - https://vimeo.com/45604246

Topic 1 - Why did you attend Cloud Foundry Summit?

Topic 2 - One of the themes is that “software is eating the world”, which is easy for a start-up or technology-company to say, but did you see examples from more traditional industries?

Topic 3 - Cloud Foundry Summit is independent from Pivotal. What did you see and hear from other companies that were building on top of Cloud Foundry?

Topic 4 - You’ve been doing some independent development on side projects. Do you see yourself using a PaaS platform to make that simpler?

Topic 5 - Coming from an infrastructure-centric role today, which lessons did you take away from Cloud Foundry Summit that will impact your career over the next couple years?

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.


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