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The Cloudcast #166 - Creating a Docker Cloud with Clocker

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The Cloudcast #166 - Creating a Docker Cloud with Clocker

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Date: October 22, 2014

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with Andrew Kennedy (@grkvlt) Senior Software Engineer at Cloudsoft about the creation of Apache Brooklyn, "Clocker", and a modern approach to building applications on clouds that span Docker containers, VMs, Bare Metal and multiple cloud environments (AWS, OpenStack, Softlayer, etc.).

Topic 1 - Background on Andrew and CloudSoft (interesting that innovation is coming from outside the vendor community)

Topic 2 - Docker + Brooklyn + jClouds

Topic 3 - Lots of Docker projects getting started these days. Give us an overview of Clocker and what's the motivation to start a new project vs. using existing tools?

Topic 3a - What extra features does Clocker add to Docker?

  • Demand side
  • Brooklyn automation, example of Docker host cluster scaling policy for availability and HA policies for container resilience and restarting
  • Brooklyn application deployment
  • Supply side
  • Intelligent placement of containers

Topic 3b - Give an example of these placement strategies?

  • Breadth or depth first
  • CPU and RAM resource management and allocation
  • Affinity rules for entity co-location
  • CPU usage to allow performance management
  • Deterministic solution to resource optimisation

Topic 4 - The first I heard about Apache Brooklyn was when Clocker was announced. Talk about that project, community involvement.

Topic 5 - With so many additional Docker-related projects happening (networking, stateful containers, etc.), how broader to do expect Clocker to expand?

Topic 6 - Clocker can work across multiple Clouds (private & public) and interacts with jClouds as a broker across clouds. Talk about how that interaction works? What happens if the cloud doesn't natively support Docker (eg. AWS, OpenStack)?

Topic 6a - How can I use Clocker with my applications?

  • Any CAMP blueprint
  • Any Brooklyn entities or applications

Topic 6b - Can I use Docker Hub or other Docker registries like Artifactory or quay.io?

  • Existing Dockerfile and from docker-library GitHub checkout
  • Direct push and pull coming soon

Topic 7- What are the next big steps that you’re focused on, and where are you hoping for significant community support?

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.


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