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The Cloudcast #168 - Containerized Continuous Delivery

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The Cloudcast #168 - Containerized Continuous Delivery

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Date: October 29, 2014

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron talks with Avi Cavale (CEO of @BeShippable), about utilizing Docker containers for Continuous Integration/Delivery. Music Credit: Nine Inch Nails (nin.com)

Topic 1 - You have an very interesting background to some of our listeners having been involved in XBox Live and Kinect platforms. What was that like? What CI/CD needs to you encounter?

Topic 2 - CI/CD with a “developer cloud” focus. Where does Jenkins fit into this picture? Is Jenkins more about vm’s and this is about containers? You mentioned in an interview that code and apps are in the cloud (github) but CI is in-house, that didn’t make sense to you.

Follow Up: As I see it, a developer can spin up a container on their laptop, then move this container to another environment test/det, AWS, production in house, etc. and you are potentially removing the gotchas of “It worked on my laptop”, correct?

Topic 3 - In addition, what other problems you are trying to solve with Containerized CI/CD? Faster time to value? Portability between environments? All of the above? I see you have integration with Docker Hub, Chef, Puppet, even Kubernetes

Topic 4 - We keep mentioning micro-service as an architecture on the show. Is this an example of the CI/CD ecosystem evolving to embrace containers and a micro-service architecture?

Topic 5 - You also did a podcast with friend of the show Lucas Carlson ( http://www.centurylinklabs.com/the-future-of-continuous-integration-with-shippable-founder-avi-cavale/). We had him on to discuss Panamax. Do you integrate with Panamax?

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