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The Cloudcast #187 - API Performance Monitoring

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The Cloudcast #187 - API Performance Monitoring

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Date: April 17, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron talks to John Sheehan (@johnsheehan; CEO of Runscope - @runscope) about the differences between API and application development, testing, performance, and monitoring. Music Credit: Nine Inch Nails (nin.com) https://www.runscope.com/ https://www.runscope.com/community https://github.com/Runscope

Topic 1 - Briefly about your background on the company and team (John was at Twillio and IFTTT).

Topic 2 - How is API testing different than application testing? How is API Monitoring different from simple uptime monitoring? Who is a typical customer of Runscope, what types of challenges and tests are they solving for?

Topic 3 - Walk us thru how the testing works (you mention "no code needed") through the lifecycle of an application. What are some common problems across different platforms (browsers, OS) or different regions of the world?

Topic 4 - API versioning is a major headache. Anything you do to help simplify or manage that for customers? Don’t you still code as a CEO? Do you feel this pain?

Topic 5 - Runscope has a lot of community based projects (link in show notes). How did this come about and what advantages have you seen through the development of an API community?

Topic 6 - With so many APIs these days what's the best way to get started with API testing?

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