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The Cloudcast #192 - Pets, Cattle & Chickens

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The Cloudcast #192 - Pets, Cattle & Chickens

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Date: May 28, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron and Brian talk to Bernard Golden (@, VP of Strategy, ActiveState) about the latest from ActiveState, Bernard's extensive writing experience, as how containers are changing the pets vs. cattle model.

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Links from the show:
Topic 1 - For those that aren’t familiar, give everyone a brief introduction.

Topic 2 - We spoke to Bart almost two years ago about ActiveState, I’m sure a lot has changed… What about containers? (Pets, Cattle, and Chickens blog)

Topic 2.5 - You’re latest article on CIO.com was very interesting. It was about why the Enterprise Needs Shadow IT. Can you tell everyone about it?

Topic 3 - You’ve been very open about your support of public cloud and AWS (you wrote the AWS for Dummies Book). What is your position these days now that you daily work is on the Platform side?

Topic 4 - Talk of growth on third platform going forward (your blog and IDC report), We’ve said many times on this podcast, starve the old, feed the new. How disruptive is third platform compared to traditional IT going forward?

Topic 5 - How and where does PaaS (or just platforms) fit into third platform(s) vs. just straight up microservices/12 factor apps/containers/etc. What are the benefits

Topic 6 - Finally, you worked for George Reese at Enstratus/Enstratius. Is he as grumpy is he is in public on Twitter?

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