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The Cloudcast #96 - Swift: More than OpenStack

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The Cloudcast #96 - Swift: More than OpenStack

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The Cloudcast (.net) #96 - Swift: More than OpenStack (35:31)

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Date: August 5, 2013

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron talks with Joe Arnold (@joearnold), Founder & CEO of SwiftStack, about Swift as a project and as a product. Joe tells us how to get started with Swift and we deep-dive into use cases and architecture. We also talk about Swift in non-OpenStack environments like Apache CloudStack (*gasp*).

Topic 1 – Joe, who are you?  You’ve been at CloudScaling & Engine Yard prior to your current gig at SwiftStack, and are the author of a book on Swift.

Topic 2 - Everything is open and "stack" is in the name, run us through some basics of terminology. Project vs. Product has come up a lot recently.  Tell me about Swift 1.9 as a project first (Global Clusters).  Private Cloud Storage as a product, and just an OpenStack project?

Topic 3 – Object vs. file or block?  Start at the lowest level: what kind of hardware?  What kind of software protections?  Discuss the ring vs. the controller.  Geo-disbursement.  Scale out by de-coupling the controller from the actual storage nodes (SAN dual-head analogy).  How does it compare to others (Gluster, Ceph, Basho, etc.) and what makes it unique?

Topic 4 – Storage efficiency?  Deduplication?  Actual Storage Algorithms?  Governance? Compliance?

Topic 5 - Use Cases?  Performance?  When is it a good fit?  When is it a bad fit?

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