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The Cloudcast - #99 - Exploring Network Virtualization

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The Cloudcast - #99 - Exploring Network Virtualization

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Date: August 31, 2013

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Brad Hedlund (VMware, @bradhedlund) and Chris Wahl (Wahl Network, @ChrisWahl) about the evolution of SDN and NFV, how Network Virtualization aligns to Server Virtualization, and how IT professionals are evolving their skills to leverage these new technologies. They discuss the announcement of VMware NSX. They also explore how operational concepts from Server Virtualization (cloning, snapshots, backup, etc.) can be applied to the network.

  • Topic 1 - SDN, NFV - where does Network Virtualization fit into the big new world of networking terms and buzzwords?
  • Topic 2 - What are the most popular use-cases (existing problems) that Network Virtualization solves?
  • Topic 3 - How much of L2-L7 does NSX cover today? Will it tie into existing vCD L4-L7 services, or create a more open way to link in 3rd-party L4-L7?
  • Topic 4 - Talk about how SDN “Operations” differ from traditional IT capabilities, especially as concepts from Server Virtualization can be extended to the network (snapshot, rollback, cloning, DR, etc.)
  • Topic 5 - How does NSX align to OpenStack?
  • Topic 6 - We spoke with a few companies this week (Arista, Cumulus) that we running OVS natively on their top-of-rack edge switch. Do you think we’ll see that become a common deployment model?

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