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The Cloudcast, Ep. 63: The Cloud Foundry PaaS Ecosystem

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Date: November 15, 2012

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with James Watters (Director, Ecosystem & BizDev) from VMware Cloud Foundry about the evolution of the ecosystem, community participation and overall PaaS adoption.

Description: Aaron and Brian talk with James Watters (Director, Ecosystem & BizDev) and Andy Piper (Devloper Advocate) from VMware Cloud Foundry about the evolution of the ecosystem, community participation and overall PaaS adoption.

Topic 1 -
You’re no stranger to creating some controversy, so let’s start with an easy one. Are you the most popular or most hated person at VMware?

Topic 2 - A few weeks ago I asked you if there was a list of Cloud Foundry providers, and this week Cloud Foundry Core was announced. What can you tell us about Core?

Topic 3 - Let’s talk about developers and users. Cloud Foundry just finished a 13 city “Open Tour” which included a bunch of presentations (education), meetups, hackathons, contests. What are the interesting things the team is learning as they take Cloud Foundry out to communities?

Topic 4 - Cloud Foundry continues to add new languages/frameworks, databases, services to the platform. Some of that comes from VMware and some comes from the community. In your role, how do you influence what is going into the platform or getting prioritized?

Topic 5 - PaaS (as a category) seems to ebb and flow. Recently we’ve seen Azure focus more on IaaS; Oracle invests in EngineYard; Continuuity positions itself as “PaaS for Big Data”. What’s your take on the PaaS market overall?

Topic 6 - As you talk to developers, what concerns do they have about PaaS? Do they understand the concept yet, are they OK with not having as much visibility, or do we still need alot of evolution in PaaS platforms before developers feel comfortable using them from 3rd-parties?

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