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The Cloudcast - Eps.27 - 2011 in Review, 2012 Predictions

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The Cloudcast - Eps.27 - 2011 in Review, 2012 Predictions

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Our Favorite Things from 2011:

  • Amazed that anybody listens to the show - growing listener base
  • Show accomplished it’s goal of introducing us to really interesting people
Stuff that Confuses Us:
  • All the different ways to do Networking for Virtualization
  • “The next desktop”
  • VMware licensing strategy
  • Why people think cloud is all or nothing. Cloud will follow same adoption curve as virtualization
Things that Still Seem to be Missing:
  • Actual Private Clouds (beyond Bechtel, Cisco CITEIS, Zynga, etc.)
  • Actual Hybrid Cloud implementations
  • Enterprise PaaS
  • Microsoft’s Cloud plans - Azure Customers
  • Is a Cloud a big leap from a co-lo?
  • Conversations that don’t start with definitions, when will we have standards and not have to start every conversation with what everything means
  • “The feature” that drives adoption of clouds, is it price? elasticity? DR as a Service? Legacy application replacement?
Stuff We Want to Talk About in 2012:
  • Enterprise PaaS - Will it Happen?
  • Microsoft’s Cloud plans - Huge opportunity, or missed opportunity
  • Cloud Laws and Regulations
  • How to managed shared environments (multi-tenant or multi-app)
  • Cloud Management - VMware, Chef/Puppet, OpenStack
  • How far ahead is AWS?
  • Big Data 101
  • How organizations are changing (success stories)
  • Developers that are using the new PaaS platforms
  • The evolution of Mobile applications for business
  • Business Partners/VAR’s/Distributors and their evolving role in 2012
  • Real World applications that will drive cloud adoption (not a PaaS, SaaS, or ITaaS discussion, but what are the apps? ERP? LOB’s?)
  • Will M&O drive private cloud adoption in 2012?
Stuff We’ll Be Working On in 2012:
  • New Guest Hosts - Shows involving end-users (not just vendors)
  • Short-form shorts (new companies)
  • More whiteboard videos
  • Brian’s Cloud-Computing course on Udemy
  • Aaron’s new blog & Cisco Live Session


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Our Favorite Things from 2011:

Stuff that Confuses Us: