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Building PaaS Clouds for .NET Apps

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Building PaaS Clouds for .NET Apps

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The Cloudcast - Eps.29 - "Apprenda - Building PaaS Clouds for .NET Apps"
Date: January 27, 2012
Co-Host: Clint Greenwood (@cloudclint)
Guest: Sinclair Schuller ( @sschuller , CEO/Founder of Apprenda )

The Cloudcast (.net) #29 - Building PaaS Clouds for .NET Apps (33:02)

Date: January 27, 2012

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian Gracely and Clint Greenwood talk to Sinclair Shuller, Founder/CEO of Apprenda to talk about their PaaS platform for .NET applications. We talk about the evolution of PaaS, the evolution of IT and where PaaS will evolve in 2012.

Topic 1 - Sometimes new things related to Cloud Computing, such as PaaS, tend to get confused in the market because of multiple definitions. Apprenda is typically considered a PaaS. Can you give us an overview of what Apprenda delivers for applications?

Topic 2 - Apprenda offers an on-premise (“Private Cloud”) PaaS platform. That’s somewhat different than others than are hosted on a public cloud. Can you walk us through how your customers engage you? Curious if it’s an IT decision, or a Develop decision, or something else?

Topic 3 - Can you walk us through how your customers are onboarding applications onto the Apprenda platform? Are they able to move existing .NET applications, or are they typically writing new applications but using the languages/frameworks that they already know?

Topic 4 - You were the center of a recent thread on LinkedIn asking - “Is PaaS better being focused on one language or many?” Can you talk about what types of architecture decisions a PaaS platform would make if it’s focused on a single language vs. being polyglot (multi-language)?

Topic 5 - So much of application development is about the tools that surround the applications. Do you see this as something the PaaS platform inherently delivers, or will this be driven by communities, or does it create a new market for 3rd-party companies?

Topic 6 - Looking into your crystal ball, where do we see PaaS going in 2012? What are the big hurdles that get jumped, or what milestones do you expect to see achieved?


is a (slightly older) video of Sinclair talking about how Appenda integrates with Windows Azure, Windows Server and .NET applications.

Article Source: http://www.thecloudcast.net/2012/01/cloudcast-eps29-apprenda-building-paas.html

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