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The Cloudcast - Is Linux the Future of Cloud Networking?

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The Cloudcast - Is Linux the Future of Cloud Networking?

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The Cloudcast (.net) #89 - Is Linux the Future of Cloud Networking (22:48)

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Date: June 19, 2013

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with JR Rivers (@JRCumulus, CEO - Cumulus Networks) about the launch of the company and Cumulus Linux. They explore hardware-acceleration of Linux, integration with Chef/Puppet/Ansible, and the evolution of network operatiing systems and hardware supply chains.

Topic 1 - Discussion of JR’s background and some background on Cumulus Networks.
Topic 2 - What is Cumulus announcing today?
Topic 3 - Lets talk a little bit about networking for massively scalable data centers. What are the basics that are different from traditionally large networks (two or three tier hierarchies). Or maybe the question should be, is there anything similar? Is this tied to SDN Controllers or can it be run independently in various topologies?
Topic 4 - Performance of Cumulus Linux for networking vs. previous Linux-based "appliances"?
Topic 5 - Exposing Linux vs. Wrapping Linux? In the Cumulus world, where does hardware start/stop, network protocols start/stop, and overlay services live?
Topic 6 - New Operations Model?  Operator Skills;  Package Management? Most things sold to the largest web-scale environments are not known by 99% of the IT industry. Do you see anything you’re doing ever bleeding back into mainstream IT, or is this just a different world altogether?Topic 7 - New Acquisition Model for customers? 

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