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CloudForge: A New Hybrid Cloud Solution for the Enterprise

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CloudForge: A New Hybrid Cloud Solution for the Enterprise

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Today, CollabNet announced the release of what they are deeming the first Development Platform as a Service or, for the acronym-inclined, dPaaS.  As cloud computing grows to become the norm among enterprise IT, so too do the buzz words surrounding it.  The term "cloud" itself is often used as a sort of half-word to describe an exciting and risky trend in storage and deployment, sot it's exciting to see a cloud service geared towards people looking to develop on the cloud.

Here's a quick run-down of some of CloudForge's more interesting features:

  • Code repository hosting (Subversion and Git)
  • Hosted/Third-party Agile tools
  • Extends/integrates with TeamForge, Subervision Edge, and affiliated Cloud platforms (Cloud Foundry/SOASTA)

These features promote what has become known as hybrid cloud-computing, a term that reigns in the unwieldy public cloud.  The hybrid cloud is the enterprise alternative that suggests greater security and dependability for businesses.  CollabNet has made CloudForge accessible in all its products as a hybrid development platform with an eye to new users.  The new user interface emphasizes "sharing, speed, simplicity and built-in training," according to the press release.  The new platform will also include a developer feed, reporting center, and app center.  

It will be interesting to see if and how this platform is adopted by the develoepr community.  Perhaps it will serve as a useful stepping stone for developers working in businesses that are trying to make the move to the cloud.  If you've had a chance to use any of CloudForge's services, please tell us what you thought below. 


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