Cloudy Morning: Docker, Serverless, and Cloud Dev

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Cloudy Morning: Docker, Serverless, and Cloud Dev

Making news this week in the cloud ecosystem are Docker, advice for serverless computing, K8s namespace tips, and new offerings to make developing in the cloud better.

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I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Now that Monday is here, grab your java (puns: I've got them), settle in, and let's get caught up with what's making news in the cloud-o-sphere. The big themes this week are Docker (namely whether the company itself is dying as well as a ton of tools you can use in container-based projects), some tips for serverless computing (including how Java works with AWS Lambda), and some general tips for developing in the cloud (like bringing Ansible to it as well as a newly launched Go 2.0 SDK for AWS).

So, without further ado, let's brave the storm.

Looking Cloudy Out

  1. Docker (Inc.) Is Dead, by Chris Short. 2017 was a great year for containers, but the future is grim for the company that made them popular. See what happened to Docker last year and what's in store for 2018 — and debate on whether you agree!
  2. 50+ Useful Docker Tools, by JP La Torre. As containers take root, dozens of tools have sprung up to support them. Check out your options for orchestration, CI/CD, logging, monitoring, and more!
  3. 4 Advantages of Using Java With AWS Lambda, by Serhat Can. Sure, cold starts hurt Java usage with AWS Lambda, but there are plenty of benefits that the language and platform bring to serverless computing.
  4. The Why and How of Kubernetes Namespaces, by Ajitesh Kumar. This Kubernetes primer will get you situated with namespaces and how to create them for different environments, how to assign contexts to them, and how to delete them.
  5. Bringing Ansible Development to the Cloud, by Gustavo Carmo. Wish you could have your dev environment provisioned and set up in the cloud? Well, here's how to get Ansible working on AWS to do just that.

By the way, if you're interested in writing for your fellow DZoners, feel free to check out our Writers' Zone, where you can also find some current hot topics and our Bounty Board, which has writing prompts coupled with prizes.

Going Stormchasing

A Golang 2.0 SDK for AWS Users

Are you a Go fan? With Go 2.0 hopefully right around the corner, you might be happy to know that AWS just released an SDK to help users get ready. More to the point, this is a preview of what's likely in store, and AWS is asking developers to give the SDK a spin and tell them what you like and don't like. Feedback is an important tool, so use it!

"Pluggable" Clouds: It's a Trap!

With multi-cloud environments gaining traction, the push toward "pluggable" clouds is on the rise once again. If you're not familiar with them, pluggable clouds supposedly make things easy by letting you swap out public or private clouds without major changes to your apps' dependencies. But here's why that's not a great model for multi-cloud — or at least what you need to be aware of before you pull the trigger.

GCP and GPUs

One of the most interesting developments (to me at least) in recent times is the work that's been done to bring GPUs to the cloud for devs to use. Wel, Google Cloud recently announced the launch of GPUs attached to preemptible VMs. Check out the article to see the ideal use cases for these GPUs as well as the caveats you need to be aware of before you take the plunge. 

Diving Deeper Into Cloud

  1. Refcard of the Week: Getting Started With Docker
  2. Guide: Orchestrating and Deploying Containers
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