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Cloudy Morning: Growing Pains

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Cloudy Morning: Growing Pains

Bye bye Bluemix, hello C5 instances! Check out the latest cloud news to see how cloud computing is changing and how it affects you.

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As I was compiling this list, an interesting trend in the articles struck me. This month, there's a lot of focus about "next steps" in the cloud (or at least for cloud-related components and tools). For instance, does Kubernetes need to move on from GitHub? And will you miss the name IBM Bluemix? Are you ready to make use of AWS' C5 instances? And do you know how cloud service providers are changing their pricing models?

Well, take a look! It's just below.

Looking Cloudy Out

  1. Kubernetes Needs to Ditch GitHub, by Matt Butcher. While GitHub is traditionally the go-to place for the cool kids of software, now that Kubernetes is growing up, it might be time to move out.
  2. A Serverless Computing Primer: A Comparison, by Derric Gilling. This breakdown of the big three serverless vendors (AWS, Azure, and Google) covers their strengths, their weaknesses, and how devs can best use them.
  3. Monitoring AWS Lambda With Thundra, by Serkan Ozal. Check out how one org has configured their monitoring infrastructure for better visibility into environments that use AWS Lambda.
  4. Why SaaS Is Dead: The Rise of the Micro Value Software Economy, by Brian Reale. Look into the not-too-distance future and see how cloud providers are changing their pricing models and how that impacts SaaS.
  5. Top 20 Cloud Blogs for Every Cloud Architect [Infographic], by Sakshi Gaurav. Want to stay on top of your cloud game? This curated list of 20 blogs in infographic form will help connect you with the knowledge you need.

Going Stormchasing

Bluemix No More!

Earlier this month, it was something of a surprise to learn that IBM is phasing out the Bluemix name in favor of IBM Cloud. The reasoning makes sense. IBM Bluemix and IBM Cloud had basically already merged. This just makes it official.

AWS Launches C5 Instances

When C4 just isn't powerful enough, it's time to use C5 (that's an explosives joke right there). My comic genius aside, it's good to see the compute-intensive C5s come to fruition after they were announced just under a year ago. So far, they're available in six sizes in three AWS regions: US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland).

Be warned: According to the announcement, "The current NVMe driver is not optimized for high-performance sequential workloads and we don’t recommend the use of C5 instances in conjunction with sc1 or st1 volumes. We are aware of this issue and have been working to optimize the driver for this important use case."

The Crystal Ball for 2018

Forrester just put out its predictions for cloud computing in 2018. A couple of predictions? Kubernetes will win the container orchestration war, cloud security will become more integrated with platforms, and despite the rise of multi-cloud environments, don't expect vendor lock-in to go anywhere.

Diving Deeper Into Cloud

  1. Refcard: Getting Started With Kubernetes
  2. Guide: Orchestrating and Deploying Containers

Who's Hiring?

Cloud Security Engineer

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States


  • Strong technical skills and the ability to learn and continue to maintain cutting edge skills and knowledge on a variety of technical areas (Unix/Linux, Application Security, Vulnerability Management, Incident Management, etc…)
  • At least 3+ years in a relevant technology field with at least two years being in a technical security role with the ability to demonstrate and produce examples of your relevant work.
  • Effective communication; in both written and oral communication. Be able to break down complex topics and be able to educate others on security concepts.
  • Exhibit passion around both technical security and working with diverse teams to help them understand their responsibilities with security.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with others and the ability to multi-task and work on multiple projects concurrently.
  • Demonstrate high energy and a sense of urgency and work within potentially compressed time frames.
  • Strong analytical and logistical skills with equally strong attention to details.
  • Strong personal work ethic and integrity required.
  • Assume other work and duties as assigned.

Senior Product Developer
BMC Software

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States


  • 5-7 yrs of development experience; 3 yrs of frontend and 2 yrs of AngularJS
  • Experience in designing and developing SaaS/cloud applications, DevOps, and full software development life cycle
  • Expertise with unit/integration testing, test driven development and related modern best practices/technologies
  • Excellent understanding of web technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Experience with web servers and app servers, internals of browsers and standards compliance of different browsers (IE/FireFox/Chrome)
  • Experience with AngularJS, Jasmine, UI Bootstrap, SASS, Compass, Bourbon, Grunt, Karma
  • Experience with server-side issues such as caching, clustering, persistence, security, SSO, state management, high scalability/availability and failover a plus
  • Excellent communication skills: demonstrated ability to explain complex technical issues to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Must have strong decision-making skills; take-charge personality, and the ability to drive a plan to completion

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