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Cloudy Morning: The Big 4

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Cloudy Morning: The Big 4

It's time again for our monthly Cloud Zone roundup, and this time we'll be looking at the most popular services: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure.

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Greetings, everyone. It's that time of the month again. No, no, not that one. The other time, the one where we review the top trending articles in Cloud and tie them together with a nice little bow. This time around, I thought it would be neat to focus on the four services that I see the most material submitted about: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure. The Big 4. Let's check it out!


Before we get to the four services, let's see which article made the biggest slam dunks for the past month.

  1. Azure for Java Developers by Jonathan Giles — Think Azure is just for .NET developers? Think again. We look to dispel some common thoughts about developing Java applications on the Azure platform.

  2. Top 10 Benefits You Will Get by Using Docker by Venkatesan Murugan — If you aren't already a believer in Docker, this article should do the trick. Take a look at the reasons and case studies for why you should start with Docker.

  3. AWS Cognito User Pool Access Token Invalidation by Ugur Arpaci — Since the integrated tools in AWS Cognito aren't enough to invalidate a token once a sign out has been triggered, here's a helpful workaround.

  4. How to Reduce Surging Monthly AWS Cloud Computing Bills by Gilby George — Use these 10 best practices to reduce surging monthly AWS Cloud Computing bills to keep your data securely stored and your account in the black.

  5. [Cloud Comic] Serverless and Everything Else by Jayashree Hegde Adkoli — And the Cloud just keeps going and going and going and going...

The Big 4

Okay, so you might notice that the most popular articles are, unsurprisingly, about three of the four "Big 4" services. So, by pageviews, let's look at the articles about each service that came next.

Introduction to Docker by Shashank Rastogi 

When I first posted this article, I had no idea how an introductory content would do with our experienced audience, but it looks like even veteran devs can learn new things. If you haven't played with Docker yet, start with this article first, as it gives a great intro to the platform and clearly explains the issues it solves and some use cases to illustrate.

Introducing AWS Lambda by Andreas Wittig

Fool me once, shame on me. This article, while in a different format and from a different author (who published the article from material from her upcoming book), this article provides a more holistic, if more brief, overview of serverless in general before diving into the nitty-gritty of AWS Lambda. 

KISS Kubernetes: Building Your First Container Management Cluster by Izzy Azeri

I'm starting to see a trend here...

This tutorial is so thorough that I understood it, and I'm just the lucky English major who actually got an editor's position...well, anywhere. This article takes out all the stops and goes step-by-step through explaining Kubernetes, setting up Kubernetes pods and nodes, and a short paragraph at the bottom to give you tips on continuing your Kuber-journey.

Advanced IT Re-Platforming for Microsoft Azure by Tom Smith

Penned by our very own Tom Smith, this article tells the tale of what happened when Atmosera and iTrellis met and combined to create a new solution for companies to replatform their services and take full advactage of the cloud by porting their legacy applications. Love at first byte.

That's all folks! If you have a favorite about one of the Big 4 that I forgot, feel free to leave it in the comments!

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