Co-working Spaces Ideal for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

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Co-working Spaces Ideal for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Co-working space is exploding for startups, entrepreneurs and even big companies that see the synergy in working with other individuals in the community. It's making the real-world more like GitHub to enable collaboration​ between companies and individuals and hobbyists.

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Gaining attention recently in the business world, particularly for start-up companies and entrepreneurs, are shared professional buildings called co-working spaces. For a monthly fee, anyone from a free-lancing copywriter to start-up developers can access one of these spaces and take advantage of its Wi-Fi, desk space, office equipment, complimentary beverages, trendy interior, and networking opportunities. For professionals who need more room or peace than their homes or parents’ basements afford them, these spaces have become a convenient alternative to leasing an office. Services offered at co-working spaces vary as greatly as the spaces themselves, but one thing is certain: their popularity is skyrocketing, especially among developers.

Tech-centric, suburban Fuquay Coworking lets workers avoid long city commutes.

Nido Durham is the only co-working space to offer daycare in the southeast United States.

Programmers who used to camp out at coffee shops all day are tired of the noise and isolation. Joining a co-working space offers them not only interaction with other developers, colleagues with experience and ideas to share, but access to and knowledge about the services entrepreneurs from many industries offer. Therefore, fellow space-renters also serve as potential collaborators or clients.

In fact, corporations are starting to buy into the co-working spaces for this reason. Companies from Microsoft and PepsiCo to the Silicon Valley Bank are seeing the potential in having a few of their employees share working space with some of the most promising start-ups. Google Developers announced this month that Google intends to open a space in San Francisco specifically “to train, educate, and collaborate with local and international developers and start-ups.” As with many co-working spaces and incubators, it will offer mentoring, code labs, design sprints, and other classes and events, as well as host Google’s equity-free Launchpad Accelerator program.

Oh, wait. Incubators and accelerators? Well, while many co-working spaces do offer events and workshops, incubators are more school-like, specifically designed to provide services such as mentorship, training, and networking events to start-ups for semester-like intervals. They often crop up around universities and market themselves to students, but vary greatly, like co-working spaces. Accelerators offer similar benefits, as well as small amounts of seed capital in exchange (usually) for equity stake in companies, but require an application process.

As most of our readers know, Syncfusion proudly supports individuals and small groups of developers with our Community License and participation in organizations such as Girl Develop It. As co-working spaces are particularly useful to developers, it’s great to see other pillars of support going up worldwide.

Have you ever used a co-working space? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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