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Codahale Metrics and Spring

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Codahale Metrics and Spring

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Goal: Integrate Metrics (v 3.1.0) and Spring (v 4.1.x) in a JEE environment.

Metrics-spring resides here. Code snippets to help you get started below:

1. Add the following dependency in pom.xml 

Other metrics dependencies

2. Add the following in web.xml


3. Define metrics.xml and include it in your main spring configuration file. 

<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
    xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:metrics="http://www.ryantenney.com/schema/metrics"

    <!-- Registry should be defined in only one context XML file -->
    <metrics:metric-registry id="metrics" />

    <metrics:health-check-registry id="healthCheck" />

    <!-- annotation-driven must be included in all context files -->
    <metrics:annotation-driven metric-registry="metrics"
        health-check-registry="healthCheck" />

    <!-- (Optional) Registry should be defined in only one context XML file -->
    <metrics:reporter type="console" metric-registry="metrics"
        period="1m" />

        <property name="attributes">
                <entry key="com.codahale.metrics.servlets.MetricsServlet.registry">
                    <ref bean="metrics" />
                <entry key="com.codahale.metrics.servlets.HealthCheckServlet.registry">
                    <ref bean="healthCheck" />

4. Define HealthCheck classes and annotate methods with @Timed as per Metrics documentation. And we are done!

Navigate to: http://hostname:port/<webappname>/metrics/admin to view "Operational Menu"

The output metrics is dumped in JSON format. You can parse it and pass it to your favorite graphing library.

Note: All metrics are reported via Console. You can easily enable other reporters in metrics.xml.

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